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Throughout the semester, you will create a Blogger site for your Individual Assignments (IAs).  There are four IAs, and over the semester, each of which will be formatted as a blog POST (not PAGE) on the Individual Assignment Site.

This site should feature a Welcome Page like this one. Please follow the instructions available here to set this Welcome Page the permanent homepage of your site.

This Welcome Page should describe your name (if you are concerned about privacy, it's OK to list acronyms or a pseudo-name), the major(s)/minor(s) you're pursuing at Chatham, and your personal or professional interests.

You should also create a LinkedIn page, and link to your LinkedIn page from this Welcome Page. Please join the Business and Entrepreneurship Department's LinkedIn Group

You must turn in the Individual Assignments on time. No extension will be granted, ever. If you miss an assignment, you can submit extra credit writeups to make up the lost points.

1. Please submit the URL link to each assignment that you posted on your Blog through the appropriate assignment submission link available in Moodle

2. Make sure your URL link works properly before submitting.

The correct URL link will show your chosen blog site name (e.g., "lauren-c-ia-blog" below) followed by "blogspot.com"

An incorrect URL link would begin with "blogger.com"

Not sure how to copy a URL? Here're a few ways to get help
1. Ask the instructor/TA
2. Visit the IT Help Desk
3. Ask technology tutor at PACE
4. Search online for tutorial instructions
      Due Date
      Assignment due dates are listed in the syllabus, and also programmed into the assignment submission links in Moodle.

      The instructor will post your grade in Moodle with the instructor’s comments. Pay attention to those comments and take them into consideration for future submissions. The expectation is that you improve the quality of your submissions with time.

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